TikTok User Pranks Mom With Lemon Magic Trick


    Magic trick! Following back everyone right now! HURRY! #magictrick #magic #alwayslearning #vibewithme @chefnancyg

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    Sometimes, all it takes to pull off the perfect prank are a couple of lemons and two cups. TikTok user Jackie Gansky recently pulled a practical joke on her mom, Nancy, and thank goodness she was filming the results. I’m not usually the best sport about pranks or surprises, but even I wouldn’t mind putting up with a “magic trick” like Jackie’s.

    As Jackie “swapped” lemons between plastic cups, Nancy watched in disbelief. I can practically see the math equations floating around her head as she tried to piece together exactly how her daughter managed such sorcery. I hope she looks back on this clip and laughs as hard as I do, ’cause it made me chuckle for way too long. Watch the hilarity go down in the clip above.

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