The Recorder – Sleight of hand: Local mentalist, magician wins national competition

    Published: 9/27/2019 11:14:04 PM

    Modified: 9/27/2019 11:13:52 PM

    WARWICK — Using a blend of mentalism, magic and a life-time of performance skills, Warwick native Eaden Marti entertains and stuns audiences as he makes them question their reality.

    This summer, the 19-year-old local mentalist and magician won first place in the national Tannen’s Magic Competition.

    Before heading to Tannen’s Magic Camp in Bryn Mawr, Pa., Marti spent the beginning of the summer developing his act. Hosted annually, the week-long conference attracts young performers ages 12 to 20 from across the nation, culminating in the competition.

    “Psychological readings, mind reading, hypnosis — I do all of that stuff and mix it in with slight of hand,” Marti said.

    While competing in front of professional judges at Tannen’s, Marti first passed the general rounds before moving onto the finals. Competing against the top three performers in the senior age competition, Marti wowed the judges and audience members with his stage presence, taking home first prize.

    “The competition has a seven-minute time limit so I took a piece of my stage show and changed it around,” Marti said. “The competition is a very different atmosphere to perform in. With the judges and time limit, you have to be quick and to the point.”

    For the July competition, Marti chose a random audience member to select one of five sealed envelopes on stage. He then had the volunteer help guide the rest of the audience in planning a trip to anywhere in the world.

    Ultimately, Marti revealed that the envelope chosen by the volunteer at the start of the show contained all the details of the trip the audience planned — including a printed ticket from an airline to the chosen destination.

    “I enjoy playing with the audience, … trying to get different people to connect and think of the same thing,” Marti said. “I lean more toward that type of performance.”

    Winning first place was a major milestone in Marti’s journey toward being a professional performer, and had been a goal for many years. Marti saw his first magic show at age 6 and has been learning, creating and performing ever since. He has been attending Tannen’s Magic Camp since he was 14.

    “My favorite part of the camp is the collaboration that comes from interaction with different types of magicians,” Marti said. “There are so many ideas you can bounce around.”

    Notable graduates of Tannen’s Magic Camp include David Blaine, Joshua Jay, Steve Cohen, Darren Romeo, Michael Carbonaro and Academy Award-winning actor Adrien Brody.

    Now, Marti practices his skills for hours each day. He has worked tirelessly to be at the top of his craft — being a previous finalist in both national and state talent show competitions, and now winning first place in the national magic competition.

    A senior theater arts major at the University of Massachusetts Boston, Marti hopes to continue performing full-time after he graduates in May. He has been living and performing professionally in Boston for the past year.

    Magic is another performing art field with theatrical aspects, Marti said. Having taken a voice acting class, he said being able to work a room without a microphone allows for a performance to be more personal. Additionally, learning to operate set, light and sound design can give him total control of his performance.

    Marti teased he may be debuting an hour-long mentalism performance at home in Warwick sometime in the near future. He said coming home to Warwick is a great place to perform, with an always supportive and welcoming audience. He has been working on the project through school, taking input from his theater advisors.

    To learn more about Marti, visit his website at, or follow him on Facebook and Instagram @eadenmarti to be notified of his upcoming shows.

    Zack DeLuca can be reached at or 413-772-0261, ext. 264.

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