The magic man: Singing illusionist finds passion in performing

    “I went down and sang and danced with them, and that’s where I met more people that were in magic scene. I looked up old videos and things that they had done. I continued to sing and dance, but developed my magic while I was doing it.

    “It was a great outlet because I did three shows a day, and I was only at work for six hours a day. So I built stuff when I got home, played with my birds. I had no idea how that worked, but I went and bought six doves and started reading up on it and buying things and created my dove act,” he said, smiling.

    He continued to develop his magic, but everything came to a halt when his trailer containing $20,000 in equipment was stolen in 2018.

    ‘Everything just kind of shut down’

    “I should never forget that. Everything just kind of shut down. I’m a singing illusionist, and I had no sound system. Lots of times I got into these corporate events for Boeing, Google, Budweiser or whatever, and I bring the sound. So I didn’t have that,” Anderson said.

    “I went through a major depression. I cried in the immediacy of it. I had hope that they were going to find it, and they just didn’t … So I went and I helped my wife with some of her real estate stuff. I did some handyman-type work and stuff like that and started rebuilding my props.

    “I only had big jobs lined up. So I started asking other magicians, ‘How do you book for a smaller show?’ I bought some new ropes and cut them up and learned those again and found some of the smaller things and just kind of perfected those,” Anderson said.

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