The Sacin Pilot camp is furious with the allegations made by chief minister Ashok Gehlot about efforts to topple his government in lieu of money. Murari Lal Meena, the MLA from Dausa who is part of Pilot’s team, said, the people of Rajasthan call Ashok Gehlot a magician. The kind of allegations he made against us show he really is. Magicians can spread all kinds of delusions among the public. Today, they accused us of corruption. That has really hurt us. I want to ask when we came from BSP, how much money did  we take from him? Then he used to give speeches how we were so honest. I want to ask how come we are now corrupt?” he said.

    Earlier on Wednesday, Gehlot reiterated his allegations of horse trading by the BJP ahead of the Rajya Sabha elections. But this time, he accused Pilot, his former deputy, of being implicated.

    The Chief Minister, whose government was pushed to the brink of collapse following Pilot’s rebellion, said, “The former PCC chief was involved in dealings with BJP. I have proof of horse-trading”.

    “Money was offered. And who gave the clarification that nothing was happening? Those who were themselves part of the conspiracy are giving clarifications,” Gehlot was quoted as saying.  It was police summons to Sacin Pilot for an investigation into the alleged “horsetrading” that triggered his rebellion over the weekend.

    Sources close to Pilot said it was a huge humiliation for him. Gehlot had tried to play down the summons, saying he received one too, but Pilot’s team had dismissed it as an eyewash, since Gehlot, as the in-charge of the home ministry, was the boss of the investigation team.

    Meanwhile amid speculation of attempts being made for a formal patch up with Sachin Pilot, the top leadership of the Congress party, however, on Thursday said there was no progress on the front. “Neither Pilot has approached us, nor anybody in the party has tried to contact him, the Congress sources maintained. It is being learnt that the party is more keen to take back the MLAs who were siding with Pilot to weaken his plot of dislodging the state government.

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