Night Magic: My Enchanting Evenings


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    Whenever the sun goes down and dusk creates an indigo-saturated world, a deep swell of magic stirs within my heart.  The darkness sings to me, and like a night-blooming flower, my senses open and magic sparks.

    Night is the time for candles, for lighting incense and reading magical books.  It’s when I uncork wine and play strange, entrancing music.

    As I step outside into the darkness, I feel an urge to wear the night like a cloak around me.  By starlight and moonlight, my thoughts and emotions become clearer–much more than in the light of day.

    I make my way across the lawn, all the while peering up at the weathered moon between the branches, until I reach a place to bathe in the moonlight.  In her creamy luminescence, a feeling of awe and tender lunacy arises within me.  I breathe her in, my gaze locked with hers, until my aura is fully charged with magic.

    Light-drunk, under the starry night sky and the moon, I sway in a trance.  Beside me, a sea of ancestors flicker like pearled flames in the wind.  From their entranced stare at the moon, it’s clear how much they loved her in life.

    With a moon-soaked aura, I walk inside and start my magical practices for the night.  It all comes to me so easily during this time.  Whenever the skies are without the sun’s light, my power is below the surface, just waiting for the words.

    Night is my favorite time to do magic.  I’m compelled to bring life to my musings, to write in books with black ink, and to sing my spells.

    Although the midnight hour is thought by some to be the most sublime, there is no fixed point when night magic strikes its chord within me.  Sometimes, it’s 10.  Other times, it’s 2.

    Often, I feel it when the blue velvet dusk permeates the air just before the light nips out.  Twilight is a special time indeed–it’s one of the first times I first felt the ecstacy of the gods course through me.

    You may not be surprised to learn that I adore Nyx, primordial Greek goddess of the night.  Nyx is associated with ancient magic and witchcraft.  Her following is thought to predate that of the Olympians, and it’s said that even Zeus, lightning-wielder and sky shaker, was afraid of her due to her strength and how much older she was than he.

    Her obsidian energy flows easily through me.  It feels raw, alive, vibrant, and brimming.  I drink deeply of it whenever I can.  With each night-soaked breath, my mind clears, and I take in her power, wisdom, and instruction.  Her gifts facilitate my magic and connections while spinning me in a delicious trance.

    Mother Night has been with us throughout the ages.  Sometimes, she is in the background, blending in with the sky while adding a little extra to those who are deserving.  Sometimes, she is in the fore, smiling upon those she holds dear.  Her presence alone aids people with their magic.

    I’m happy that Nyx is with us still today.  I invite you to step into awareness of this deity the next time you have a night moment.

    If you’d like to learn more about her, read this article by Bekah Evie Bel.  It has an epicly beautiful hymn to her and more information about her mythos.

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