Man baffles his 4-year-old daughter with this magic trick. Watch cute video – it s viral

    We wonder if this 4-year-old thinks that her dad is a wizard because he can make a baseball disappear. We also wonder if she thinks her powers are going to kick in when she is older or when she gets her letter from Hogwarts.

    This just over 30-second-long clip was posted on Reddit on May 26. The video has been shared with a caption that reads, “I have my 4 year old baffled. This could go on for hours”.

    As the recording begins viewers come face-to-face with a 4-year-old girl in a baby blue dress. The child is seen holding a plastic magic-wand of the same colour. She says, “Aabra-Ka-Daabra. Make the ball disappear,” while simultaneously waving the stick upon two green-coloured solo cups. The kid, then, picks up one of the two cups to find that the ball is still there. She looks a bit disappointed about the fact that her spell didn’t work.

    Having placed the cup back upon the ball, she turns to her father who says, “Here let me try”. He picks up the cup and voilà, the ball is no longer there. How did he do it? Where did the ball go? Can you spot it? Watch the video to let us know.

    I have my 4 year old baffled. This could go on for hours. from r/funny

    Since being shared to the subreddit ‘funny’, the post has amassed over 73,000 upvotes and nearly 1000 comments.

    Here is how Redditors reacted to the share. One person said, “I’m doing this with my 4yo when she gets home from grandma’s tomorrow”. To which the original poster responded with, “Do it to grandma too”. Truly, if the camera angle was just a little different, we probably would have been fooled too.

    “Can’t wait to make my kids think I have magic powers tomorrow – thanks!” read one comment. While another Reddit user wrote, “You’re going to look back fondly on this video so many years from now”. We are sure this family will. We are looking fondly at it right now.

    What are your thoughts on this magical family?

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