Magic tricks you can learn to do in just five minutes

    Magic, what a concept

    Everybody loves magic. And if you say you don’t, then you are probably a dirty liar. Magic is simply great. It tricks you right in front of your eyes. You see something disappear without having any idea where it’s gone, and what you believe is impossible is challenged.

    There’s only one thing better than watching magic in front of you, and that dear readers is creating magic. Sure, it sounds easy, but how does one really create magic without going to some kind of guild and devoting yourself to it for years and years?

    Well, that’s where we come in folks. We have curated some incredibly effective and easy magic tricks that you can learn in just a matter of minutes. Defy gravity, watch as a cocktail stick disappears in front of your very eyes.

    Wow everyone you’re social distancing with, or if you’re social distancing alone, wow yourself.

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