Magic For Humans: Who is Justin Willman?

    Now in its third season, Magic for Humans aims to answer the age-old question, “How’d he do that?” while treating viewers to some exciting new tricks.

    Who is Magic For Humans Justin Willman? His face may look familiar to viewers who feel like they’ve seen the 39-year-old actor and presenter somewhere, but just can’t place him. Well, wonder no more. Ladies and gentlemen: Meet Justin Willman.

    From 2010 to 2016, Willman was the affable host of Food Network’s competition Cupcake Wars. Each week, he announced the show’s various baking categories and kept the competition running with a delicious share of puns and pleasantries. He also performed hosting duties on Halloween Wars and Last Cake Standing. However, it’s likely that few of those viewers knew Willman for his greatest talent: magic. Now in its third season, Magic for Humans aims to answer the age-old question, “How’d he do that?” while treating viewers to some exciting new tricks. It should be disclosed that watching Magic for Humans isn’t for viewers who hate spoilers. On the show, Willman shares the secret recipe of his tricks, like the famous floating silver orb, merely a soup ladle with its handle stuffed into the sleeve of his shirt. He also explains the card inside the balloon trick, which is simply him pressing someone’s card against the outside of a balloon, popping it, then delivering the grand “Ta da!” as if the card were inside the whole time.

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    Willman discussed his signature style of magic with Bustle: “I’m proud to say that all the illusions in the show were accomplished without any camera tricks, and all of the reactions are 100 percent real,” he said. “I’m aware that by the very nature of editing a show you’re manipulating reality, so we went to great lengths to not cut away during any of the crucial magic moments throughout the series. Hopefully viewers will appreciate this effort and enjoy a little escape from reality.”

    So, how did Willman hone his skills as a magician? He’s actually self-taught. The St. Louis native started practicing magic after breaking both of his arms as a child. His physician thought magic would help improve his manual dexterity. Soon, Willman was working professionally, entertaining at birthday parties under the moniker, Justin Kredible. He then went off to study at Emerson College in Boston, where he studied broadcast journalism. His early training as an illusionist, followed by his collegiate background, were the perfect preparation for his latest career endeavor.

    Justin Willman is certainly one to watch. His engaging magic tricks and charismatic on-camera delivery keep bringing Netflix viewers back for more. The third season of Magic for Humans is bingeable fun for everyone. Willman doles up a clever examination of our fascination with trying to suss out the inner workings of various sleights of hand and optical illusions. That’s nice and everything, but it’s the fact that he’s the host with the most that lessens any disappointments that stem from discovering the wizard is just a regular dude behind a big curtain.

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    Source: IMDb/Justin Willman, Bustle


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