Magic For Humans Season 4 Updates: Renewal, Release Date, Tricks

    Here is everything that is currently known or can be logically assumed about Magic For Humans and its potential followup to its third season.

    Justin Willman’s Netflix show Magic For Humans has been perfect to binge recently and because of that fans are already wondering if a new batch of episodes will show up, and if so, when?

    Everything that’s known now and can be logically assumed about where the show is heading will be here, and as any new information comes along from Netflix or Willman, this will be updated to include it. Here’s what is known currently about a potential season 4 of Willman’s uplifting experiments and illusions.

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    As of right now, there hasn’t been an official renewal, but it feels like only a matter of time. Season 3 of Magic For Humans was released in the middle of May, and the time gap between the release of its second season and the renewal for a third one was around a month and a half. That much time hasn’t passed since the release of the third season, but when it does and Netflix takes a full look at its viewership, it’s likely been even better than season 2. Netflix viewership in general is surely higher than usual due to people being quarantined, Magic For Humans is a very easy going and interesting show to watch during that time, and season 3 has received more attention online than the first two. Combine that with the show not appearing to be very expensive at all for Netflix to produce, and renewing it seems like an obvious decision that’s waiting to be made.

    magic for humans

    When it comes to a proper release date for another season, that’s currently much more difficult to tell. Gaps between seasons being released have already been from six months to eighteen months. There hasn’t been consistency in that aspect of Magic For Humans, plus of course the current pandemic with social distancing would make filming Justin Willman perform tricks in front of strangers in Los Angeles not possible. He’s not about to go out and do what he calls “close-up magic” with people in these times.

    With that being the case, one can confidently say that a new season will not be fit into 2020. The release being sometime in 2021 would be a safer guess, and that’s still a large window of time. It’s possible the wait could even last until 2022 if Willman has other plans he wants to get to first such as touring in front of live audiences.

    The good news about a potentially long wait between seasons is that Justin Willman’s material will likely be all fresh and high quality with very few tricks that overlap with what he’s already done on Magic For Humans, and in general his tricks have been getting more absurd, ambitious, and impressive over time. That should continue in a new season. It won’t get to points where any tricks are actually putting Willman’s life at risk like some magicians may do, but hopefully expect more performances that are longer and allow Willman to be proper showman in front of a small audience; along the lines of where he was heading with the ghost pepper trick near the end of season 3. On top of that, it’s likely he’ll have plenty of tricks that can’t even be predicted.

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