Let’s make magic: Try this mind-reading card trick

    We all want to believe in magic. And through misdirection and visual trickery, magicians can make us believe in it just for a moment. Working a magic trick takes pizazz and confidence, so make sure you practice in front of the mirror. And don’t be afraid to put on some sparkles.

    Here is an easy card trick you can learn. The internet is full of other easy card tricks. Check out our online resources page,, for some links to great magic tricks.

    Mind-reading Trick

    • Before you even have an audience, take out a deck of cards and count out 25 cards. Place these cards on the top of your deck, just slightly apart from the rest.

    • In front of your audience, wave the deck of cards and tell them you will read one lucky person’s mind. Get a volunteer to come up and pick a card.

    • When they come to the stage, split the deck of cards in half (where you already secretly split them) and ask the audience member to pick a card from the other side of the deck. (The non-25 card side.)

    • Have your volunteer show the card to the rest of the audience.

    • Tell them to memorize it.

    • And then, have them place it back on the deck.

    • Now, put the 25 stack of cards on top of that card and tell your volunteer to concentrate while you read their mind.

    • Then, start dealing the cards off the top of the deck. When you get to the 26th card, you’ve found their card. Stop and tell them, very dramatically, that you can read minds.

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