Is Netflix Planning a Magic For Humans Season 4?

    With Magic For Humans season 3 dropping and there being no announcement on the show’s future, here’s what can be assumed about another season.

    Justin Willman’s consistently strange yet impressive collection of magic tricks were released in another batch earlier this month with the third season of Magic For Humans on Netflix. It’s only a group of seven full episodes, so in all likelihood most people who have been stuck at home and started watching it have already gone through it all. That leaves some questions as to when a potential fourth season will show, or whether or not Netflix ever will bring it back, given that there has yet to be an official announcement relating to another season.

    The short answer is likely yes. Magic For Humans has been successful in its three season run on Netflix so far, Justin Willman’s passion for magic and performing certainly isn’t going to disappear suddenly, and it’s hard to imagine that it’s a particularly expensive show for Netflix to produce. Half of the scenes are just Willman taking an average object and pulling off some sort of bizarre trick with it in front of stranger on the streets of LA. The show has even limited its editing to let each magic trick speak for itself rather than appearing to be merely camera tricks. As long as the content is there, it doesn’t seem like a show Netflix should have any issue continuing when it comes to major factors like viewership or budget.

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    The natural followup question would be when does it return, and that’s a bit more difficult to answer specifically. The seasons that have been released so far were put on Netflix in 2018, 2019, and 2020 respectively, so it’s been consistently a new season every year. However, when looking closely, the distance between season 1 and 2 was actually almost a year and a half, while the distance between season 2 and 3 was barely half a year. So attempting to pinpoint a more specific potential start date would merely be a lot of guessing. The show is fairly fluid when it comes to what month it will drop. There hasn’t been a set schedule before and it won’t start now.

    On top of that, there’s the obvious issue that television productions have been shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so Willman won’t exactly be able to jump back to filming anytime soon. Plus when the pandemic is over, it’s possible he’ll be more eager to return to touring and performing in front of live audiences before heading back to film the show once again. A break for Magic For Humans could be extended for various reasons.

    With that being the situation, official news of a renewal will almost certainly not happen as quickly as it has before, like season 3 being announced barely a month after season 2 was released. However, given that the show appears relatively inexpensive to produce, and that Netflix has seemingly shown slightly more faith in the product by giving season 3 an extra episode that the previous season didn’t have, it would be surprising if a fourth season of Magic For Humans was not announced too long after filming becomes a possibility again. Whether it returns in 2021 or 2022, Justin Willman shouldn’t be completely disappearing from Netflix.

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