Fireflies LED playing cards perfect for cardistry

    Fireflies LED playing cards

    Magicians, card players and those who enjoy cardistry may be interested in new LED playing cards aptly named Fireflies. Each pack includes four supercharged LED playing cards to enhance your tricks and flourishes. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the unique LED cards designed by Ellusionist the creators of the “original online magic store” and Producers of “The World’s Finest Playing Cards”.

    “At the touch of a button, each perfectly balanced unit emits light as they move between your fingers in hypnotic patterns. Intentionally shaped like a playing card, Fireflies have become a fun skill-building gadget for the art of CARDISTRY. Cardistry is the performance art of flourishing cards. a.k.a. Making them move around in cool and immersive ways. The term is a portmanteau of ‘card’ and ‘artistry’. The problem with Cardistry is that it’s meant to look hard… and it is. The barrier to entry is very high. So we developed Fireflies to make it far, far easier. Now, for the first time ever, cardistry is opened up to you.“

    Cardistry LED cards

    Pledges are available from $59 or roughly £46 and the cards are available in either green or blue and will be delivered to backers sometime during December 2019.

    Source: Kickstarter

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