Doctor uses magic tricks to help patients cope with anxiety

    By Antoine Allen

    A London doctor is using magic tricks to help people manage their mental health during the coronavirus lockdown.

    Dr Mahesh Chhaya’s social media videos give tips on managing wellbeing as well as informing people about the virus.

    He started making the videos in self-isolation after treating a patient with Covid-19.

    I came up with the idea of combining my passions – magic and medicine – a very unusual combination.
    But I thought why not use something so powerful such as magic to give a healthcare message?

    Credit: Dr Mahesh Chhaya, Twitter/@drmagicmagician

    Dr Chhaya was first inspired to use magic when he saw the impact it had on patients during his time working in a hospice.

    During my GP training I was dealing with a patient who was end of life. He was low in spirits for a couple of days.
    I put down my pen and paper and told him I do magic and said ‘do you want to see a trick?’
    I showed him a trick and he said to me ‘that has put a smile on my face and brightened my day up!’

    To find out more about Dr Mahesh Chhaya, follow him on Twitter.

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