Cardistry’s teen magicians juggle schoolwork with sleight of hand

    Cardistry are hitting the stage at Bankstown Sports Club on Sunday, but despite their name expect to see more than just card tricks, with audience members set to also experience mentalism and feats using Rubik’s Cubes.

    The pair work hard to balance high school and a performing career, which Hodgkinson admits can be a challenge. “Now that we’re in year 11, there is a lot more work,” he says. “It’s getting a bit more serious with the HSC, but we’re managing.”

    And as for Hodgkinson’s school teachers, there can sometimes be perils to having a teen magician in one’s lesson.

    “Sometimes if I’m in class and there’s a tennis ball or something, if the teacher tries to take it away I make the object disappear,” he says. “I’ll go to hand it to them and it just won’t be there. They don’t know where it went, so they don’t know how to confiscate it!”

    Cardistry, 2pm, Bankstown Sports Club, 8 Greenfield Parade, Bankstown, $10,

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