Bunnings fans rave about ‘magic’ $4 moisture absorber

    Dealing with damp can be an annoying problem that often only gets worse during the colder months.

    But one mum has shared how a little-known product can help keep it under control – and we priced them for as little as $4.50 for a pack of two at Bunnings, though they are widely available at many stores.

    The woman shared a picture of the “awesome” moisture absorbers, explaining to those who didn’t know what they were in the Mums Who Cook, Clean and Organise Facebook group.

    “Moisture suckers, great for in (the) wardrobe or anywhere you have moisture or dampness etc,” she wrote.

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    “Can be purchased from most places, Coles, Woolworths, seems that Bunnings and cheap shops are the cheapest to purchase from, I get them six for $10.”

    The mum’s post soon attracted hundreds of comments, with plenty of people saying that you could use the product practically anywhere and it worked “like magic”.

    “I have them in every room, wardrobe, laundry, linen cupboard and shed,” one mum wrote.

    “I use these in our caravan when we aren’t using it. They are the BEST!” one person wrote, while another added they were “great for the pantry also”.

    You could even reuse the product and make it stretch even further for multiple uses other users suggested.

    “Once they fill with water, empty the water and replace the powder with salt. Reuse,” one person recommended, while another added: “You can also buy refill bottles from Bunnings for about $9 for 3kg.”

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    It’s not the only cheap home item that has gotten rave reviews recently, with a motel owner sharing on Facebook earlier this month how a $10 grout cleaner from Bunnings had removed 50 years of built-up grim in a bathroom.

    “Discovered this product from Bunnings through a friend and I’m amazed,” she posted in the group Bunnings Mums, Inspiration, Hacks, Tips and Tricks.

    “Yes it’s potent so wear a mask but it eats through the 50-year-old grime in our motel rooms,” adding that she is “currently scrubbing with ease”.

    The post of approval prompted others in the group to say they too would be buying the “miracle spray”.

    “So buying some for our kitchen floor lol,” one person wrote, while another added: “It’s on my to-buy list!”

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