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    Naturally, magician Darren Partridge, aka Dizzy the Trickster, says traveling by bus with seven other magicians on tour is a really good time.

    “It’s actually really, really cool,” Partridge said of traveling with his cast mates from “The Illusionists — Live From Broadway.”

    They make each other laugh a lot, show each other tricks and run new material by each other as they travel from city to city with the magic show, which will play for seven performances Tuesday through Jan. 7 at Playhouse Square in Cleveland.

    “They blow my mind all the time,’’ Patridge said of his fellow magicians. “We’re always thinking about magic.”

    Partridge, who hails from Coventry, England, but has lived in Florida for the last decade, specializes in theatrical thievery. He uses physical comedy and plenty of sleight of hand in his act, which also gets audience members up on stage and in on the magic.

    The performer’s background in martial arts and acrobatics landed him his professional debut in a pirate stunt show in Majorca, Spain, in 2004. That led to a London audition for Le Grand Cirque, which was created there by producer Simon Painter and later traveled throughout the United States.

    That was the first show that Partridge worked on with Painter, who is creative producer for “The Illusionists.” As a cirque artist, Partridge specialized in physical comedy — including some acrobatics — as well as pickpocketing.

    Now he’s traveling on a three-month tour with illusionists Valentin Azema of France as “The Elusive,” quick-change artists Sos Petrosyan of Armenia and wife Victoria of Russia as “The Transformationalists,” British escape artist Jonathan Goodwin as “The Daredevil,” Florian Sainvet of France as “The Manipulator,” Steve Valentine as “The Showman” and Scottish-born Stuart MacLeod as “The Delusionist.”

    Partridge, who is married to multi-discipline cirque performer Janna Roukhmanova, a native of Russia, travels about eight months of the year for his work as a physical comedian, magician, cirque variety performer and master of ceremonies. He said he sent video auditions to “The Illusionists” for five years before he landed a role with the show in 2017.

    “It seems to be every magician’s dream to get into ‘The Illusionists,’ ” he said.

    Much of Partridge’s work as a “theatrical thief” has to do with misdirecting the audience’s attention or tricking the audience’s eyes through his physicality. As part of his act, he spins a six-foot-wide cube. The faster he spins it, it manipulates the light to look like a flat square, a giant pyramid or a giant cube.

    “It looks to the eye of the audience that it’s actually changing shape,’’ he said.

    In “The Illusionists,’’ Partridge does a warmup preshow, a magical video segment, a pickpocketing sequence and an audience-participation routine where he lets an audience member be the magician.

    Here’s how he describes bringing a beautiful video to life on stage; “I have a big video and I pull magic from the video. … I can take something out of the screen, into reality and back into the screen.”

    Patridge isn’t going to give away any of his secrets. But as an example, he said folks could possibly see him flying on a magic carpet from the video.

    “I create the illusion of me traveling in a kind of time travel from one side of the stage to the other side,’’ a trick called teleportation, he said.

    “Actually, it’s one of my most stressful acts I have to do but it’s really fun to do. It’s all about timing” and gripping key props in just the right way.

    A good energy with the audience sets the pace of the show. In another segment, Partridge brings an audience volunteer up on stage and makes them think they’re helping him do a magic trick. But he’s actually got the rest of the audience in on the fact that he’s really executing some stealing tricks, several times in a row.

    For the last steal, he filches whatever is in the volunteer’s pocket, using misdirection to get it.

    With his physical comedy, Partridge throws himself into his acts and is in constant motion: “I’m just very loud with my body language. I’ll come off stage sweating most of the time.’’

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