Arrested Development Characters Ranked By Intelligence 

    The show Arrested Development was on FOX from 2003 to 2006, and then new episodes came to Netflix, beginning in 2013, after the story got canceled and then revived. This comedy series is like no other, as it focuses on the Bluth family and all their blunders.

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    All of these family members have made their fair share of mistakes, but they do all have their own sets of strengths and skills. That being said,  here are all the main characters from this TV show ranked based on their intelligence (or lack thereof).

    10 Buster 

    Narrowing down the last place was tough, but this spot probably belongs to Buster. He is the youngest Bluth child, he is quite awkward, he has never worked, and he doesn’t seem to make too many decisions himself (and if he tries, he surely has a panic attack).

    He is also a total mama’s boy, and when he did try to stand up to Lucille, he ended up losing his hand… because of a seal. 

    9 G.O.B.

    Followed closely behind would be the oldest Bluth child, G.O.B. He did found The Alliance of Magicians, and he did perform tricks for some time, which may have taken some talent… or just some lying. 

    For the most part, G.O.B. is self-absorbed and annoying, as he has an over-the-top personality and likes to be the center of attention.

    8 Tobias 

    David Cross as Tobias in Arrested Development

    Now, Tobias does have a medical background, so he could be one of the most knowledgeable characters within this story. But he was a psychoanalyst and therapist, so he combined the words in an unpleasant way. He then lost his licenses and seemed to go downhill even further after that. 

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    The Blue Man Group, his Never-Nude condition, his lack of a relationship with his wife… There are so many odd things going on here. 

    7 George Michael 

    George Michael seems pretty normal (just very shy), when looking at the rest of this group. A closer look, however, shows that he has perhaps been scarred by his overprotective father, his strange family, and his quirks like having a crush on his cousin.

    Even at a young age, George Michael would point out some of the mistakes made by those around him, though he certainly messed up plenty himself. And once he got to college, he started pretending to be George Maharis. That may not have been a smart decision, but it still doesn’t land him at the top of the list!

    6 Lindsay 

    Upon first glance, a person could see Lindsay and see a beautiful, put-together, affluent, and successful woman. There is so much more to the story, though. She likes to spend her days shopping and focusing on herself. 

    She can be cunning and sharp, but she is so selfish and vain!

    5 Maeby 

    Maeby in Arrested Development

    Lindsay and Tobias’ daughter, on the other hand, is actually quite bright (somehow). She lies, pretends, cons, and tricks people, all in order to get positions of power, influence, money, and out of the house in general.

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    Plus, she can look around at the rest of her family and notice that something is very off, which can’t be said for everyone on this list. Give her a few years and some more experience, and she may just become the most intelligent Bluth!

    4 George, Sr.

    George Oscar Bluth, Sr. started the Bluth Company and created a successful real estate empire. He also stole money and built houses for Saddam Hussein, which led to his arrest.

    After that, he hid out in the attic for a good chunk of time, which took some real skill and some quick thinking.

    3 Lucille

    Some may argue over who is smart: George or Lucille, but George himself has suggested that his wife is the one who is responsible for the family company’s questionable decisions. And based on that info, some more may argue over whether that makes her smarter or dumber.

    She did what she thought she needed to do, though, for more power and money, and these resources have continued to provide for this large and dysfunctional group! Plus, she is super witty and makes sarcastic jokes, which earns her some more points here.

    2 Michael 

    Obviously, Michael is the straight-shooter and sharp-thinker in this family unit. Sure, he has his flaws, such as wanting and needing to be right all the time. But he is, without a doubt, more intelligent than his siblings and even his parents. 

    He gives them all advice, cleans up after them, and takes care of them, and he took over as president of the Bluth Company.

    1 The Narrator

    Michael Bluth and Ron Howard on Arrested Development

    There may be someone even more knowledgeable than Michael, though, and that would be The Narrator. It is this character’s job to know everything, meaning he is full of information.

    He also dishes out insults and opinions, with the perfect comedic timing, and this adds to his brightness even more. 

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