Aqua Vs. Emilia Who Is The Best Isekai Magic-User?

    Konosuba & Re: Zero are two popular isekai anime. Here is a look at which main character is better, Aqua or Emilia.

    Some of the most popular isekai series are Konosuba and Re: Zero. Both shows feature several female leads that have tons of fans behind them. Aqua and Emilia are both two of the main girls from their show and even appear together in the series Isekai Quartet.

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    While the two shows have a totally different feel, it isn’t hard to see why fans of Aqua and Emilia may cross over. The real question that is on everybody’s mind is who is the best character out of the two. Below are five reasons why Aqua is the best choice and five reasons that Emilia may be better.

    10 Aqua: Sense Of Humor

    Aqua can be pretty useless in some battles, but she has tons of party tricks to cheer you up with. Aqua is great at helping Kazuma kick back after a busy day by just being herself. The water goddess is one of the funniest characters on the show and often finds herself in the middle of most jokes.

    If you want to laugh, you need to go with Aqua.

    9 Emilia: Intelligence

    One thing that is made clear in Konosuba is that Aqua isn’t that smart. Aqua doesn’t seem to understand even some of the most basic of concepts and gets herself into trouble time after time. Emilia, on the other hand, is a candidate for being royalty who is well studied.

    While Emilia may not be as powerful as Aqua is, she is much smarter.

    8 Aqua: Can Revive The Dead

    Aqua has the ability to bring back the dead, which in the world of Re: Zero would be extremely interesting. This ability is used several times to resurrect fallen adventurous and even pull Kazuma back to the world of the living, no matter what condition his body was in.

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    She even completely patches him up, so it looks like nothing ever happened.

    7 Emilia: Has Puck

    Puck is one of the coolest sidekicks in isekai and is willing to accompany Emilia just about anywhere. The two come as a package thanks to their unique ability to be extremely effective in battle when together. Watching them fight in the anime is fun, it’s almost incredible how powerful this duo can be.

    Aqua doesn’t really have any sidekicks like this.

    6 Aqua: Great At Support

    Aqua is much better at supporting her allies with magic than Emilia is. Aqua is not only able to resurrect like mentioned above, but she can also heal or provide a cold beverage to those around her. As long as Aqua is around the party, she is with won’t be able to be easily defeated.

    We don’t even know if Aqua is able to be destroyed or not, as she never seems to really get hurt.

    5 Emilia: Better At Fighting Monsters

    Emilia is much more equipped for fighting monsters than Aqua. Aqua can barely take down a beginner level toad, much less any of the danger that lurks in Re: Zero. Emilia may not make it in every scenario, but for the most part, she can hold her own in the world.

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    As the series goes along, Emilia even gets more skilled at fighting.

    4 Aqua: Can Purify Anything

    Aqua has the unique ability to purify most anything that is tainted. She is shown purifying several water sources and claims that the water she creates has special properties. In addition, undead enemies will seek her out in order to try to obtain a way to move on to the next life.

    While Aqua hates being popular with the undead, she has a pretty impressive ability.

    3 Emilia: Cares For Her Allies

    Emilia is more caring than Aqua is, most likely due to Aqua’s lack of intelligence in many cases. Emilia is very gentle with Subaru, especially considering the amount of time that she believes the two have spent together. She even stepped in to help him during the first episode of the show.

    Emilia is kind and gentle; she always makes sure that those around her are taken care of.

    2 Aqua: Wields Water Magic

    Aqua wields water magic beyond her simple magic tricks. In the battle against the Dullahan, it is revealed that Aqua has flood level water magic. This impressive spell lets her unleash a devastating spell on the field that can easily wipe out both her enemies and any nearby towns.

    Aqua continues to grow during the show, while she isn’t shown using much powerful magic, it’s highly likely she has more spells she doesn’t think to use.

    1 Emilia: Wields Ice Magic

    Emilia uses ice magic in order to fight her battles. While her ice isn’t as powerful as a flood, she is a lot more strategic with her attacks. Her ice crystals can be lethal to enemies who dare to cross her. Emilia even gets more powerful as the series goes on, making her a much better fighter by the end.

    Emilia is a much more skilled fighter but doesn’t have the same amount of raw power that Aqua probably does.

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